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You can find access to our main rulebook here!

Our game is based on Accelerant.
A number of other games use the same core rules.

To see our rules read this file: Full Rule Book

Since the full rules include content you may need, but perhaps not all at once, we have also broken out the individual chapters. These may be easier to browse on smaller devices:

Chapter 0: Welcome and Policies
Chapter 1: Core Accelerant rules
Chapter 2: The Kaurath specific rules
Chapter 3: Cultures and Races
Chapter 4: Headers
Chapter 5: Purist and Advanced Headers
Chapter 6: Crafting
Chapter 7: Ritual Magic

Chapter 8: Magic Et al.

Converting Characters into K2!

If you are a visitor to the world, or a Kaurath character from an earlier rule system we have a guide as to how to get from there to here.

If you are having problems clicking the link on magic item conversion form Kaurath 2018, try clicking here.

If you need any help with the rules, please refer to the FAQ section of our site, or, if what you need help with is not there, please feel free to email our Rules Committee at
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