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Weirkin (Race)

Weirkin, over all, are plants or animals uplifted to a state of intelligent thought. They have anthropomorphic features that become more prominent after dark, unique to one another and by subspecies. They are a hardy people, and living in this naturalistic way has given the Weirkin tougher skin, strong enough to protect them in dire need. Their strength is also greater than their former selves’, a product of their harsh upbringing in the wilds. Rumor is that Weirkin used to be the animals and plants they look similar to before something uplifted them and made them like the other races.

Some plant Weirkin, such as the Banyan Weirkin, live together in swampy woods, clustered together and living life off the land; these Banyans are considered Wild. Others run through the plains chasing food and seasons, like the Zebra Weirkin of the Humming Reeds; they are similar to those of the Road, migrating. Others still live in cities with other Weirkin taking advantage of each others’ particular skills to live the best life they can, often to great prosperity or, at the least, joy. These Weirkin of the Hearth find great company in one another and their neighbors.

Makeup Req: During day, minor flora/fauna features. At night, full flora/fauna features.

Racial Bonus: Permanent 1 Armor increase.

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