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Pacted (Race)

The Pacted are a mixed race that has been twisted by the great power within them. Power granted by beings whose motives are unknown. Pacted of the Willful have horns upon their brow, and some even have fur covered legs. Pacted of the Paragon have golden eyes and cheekbones and some even have wings. Pacted of the Guide have orange eyes and horns and some even have tails. Pacted of the Burdened are always life created from inanimate objects, but they always have a humanoid form to them. These powers, a conduit for greatness which all Pacted share, make them a unique race.

There are four types of Pact known- the Willful, the Paragon, the Guide, and the Burdened- and each of them have their own purpose in the pattern of the world. People of all races are drawn to or revile these Pacted, whose bond with higher powers makes them mysterious and has altered their forms from their original states. Some people are born Pacted and they appear across every other race, always looking the same. These pacts are not just linked in their lifetimes. A family member or creator, for example, could have made the pact with the power from which their strength is drawn. Or, more commonly, they could have made the Pact themselves and given up who they were and become one of the Pacted.

Sometimes becoming Pacted is hereditary and sometimes Pacted will bear children of their original race. In either case, they care for their children as any other would, acknowledging that their choices have had a lasting impact on the lives of everyone around them.

The Pact of the Willful

The Pact of the Willful focuses primarily on the existence of free will, the pact made to ensure themselves and others will not be subjugated by anothers will, whether that subjugation helps or hinders the one subjugated. One could find themselves as a champion for the enslaved and downtrodden, or the one who ends what little tie holds a person to sanity. They come from a culture that fears the mental subjugation of all free minds in the world. They move in small groups to keep from drawing attention to their work in freeing others. They are often self reliant in nature and have a strong leaning towards crafting, but they are also heavily focused on protecting their communal groups. Often, once they establish a home, they will set up their community with guards and watch and focus on ensuring none can entrap their minds. Their Pact makes horns grow from their head, a witness to their stubborness and refusal to submit to the will of any being, both a warning, and a promise.

The Pact of the Paragon

The Pact of the Paragon focuses primarily on the self, the pact made to be in service to others as a single entity, whether they wish it or not. One could find themselves as a bastion against all evil, or creating opportunities for themselves through being the “best” at a chosen craft. They seem very self-assured and motivated, always pushing themselves forward to achieve their goals. Their Pact makes their form shimmer around the eyes in gold, and they may have iridescent wings, often causing others to stare at them and ignoring the effects of what they do.

The Pact of the Guide

The Pact of the Guide focuses primarily on imposing their will on others, the pact made to touch the world in a broad manner, sacrificing the self for the benefit of the many. A Guide may have made a pact in order to find a cure to save a village from a plague, or may be the only one who knows the cure. They focus on leading others by persuasion and example and seek to have a lasting legacy. Their Pact makes their form glow orange around the eyes, they grow horns on their heads, and they may have tails, often causing others to look away from them, and towards the work they do.

The Pact of the Burdened

The Pact of the Burdened is unique in that their creator’s will was imposed upon them to bring them to life. They could be constructs of wood, porcelain, iron, or stone, crafted with loving care. Many of these, when discovered to be living, have been abandoned, but others were specifically brought about by their masters and Burdened with intelligent thought. Their Pact makes their form appear as man-made constructions in the shape of their creators (dolls, armour, scarecrows, etc.).

Makeup Req:  

Willful: Horns on head, no marks on face, may include fuzzy legs.

Paragon: Gold around eyes and cheekbones, may include wings.

Guide: Horns on head and orange around eyes and cheekbones, may include a tail.

Burdened: Must look artificial (example- scarecrow, living armour).

Racial Bonus: Once per event “With my pact, By my voice, Grant Extra Defense, Resist”

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