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Lacuna (Race)

They say the first Lacuna was formed when a child wished so strongly for a playmate that their mind created a physical manifestation of their wish. All this manifestation wanted was to play; enjoyment was its singular focus. As the years turned and the child grew older, this manifestation stayed the same.

A Lacuna is a strong thought given form. They can be a driving force for revenge against a particular person. They can be a never-ending quest for the magic of runes. Because of their one-track minds and singular focus, their ability to emote is limited by what they discover in the world around them. They have no memories of who they once were or, rather, whose thought they were.

((Author’s Note: Playing a Lacuna is NOT an opportunity to play with mental illness. Please see “Safety and -isms”, “Inclusivity”, and “Code of Conduct” .))

Makeup Req: This alchemical symbol, visible on your body. -------->

Racial Bonus: Once per event, “Reflect” any packet, missile, or melee attack.

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