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Humans (Race)

Willful and determined, humans are the most numerous of the races. They tend to be highly adaptable and creative and form communities, though they themselves vary within them. Their personality and disposition vary greatly, so it’s a mixed bag on who you’ll meet. The humans, like all the mortal races, are capable of great empathy and great cruelty.

A Human of the Wild can be a hermit, living apart from others, or of a clan that reveres natural things banding together in the wilds of the world. A Human of the Road could be a traveling musician or salesman, and find value in open sky and familiar (or not) paths. A Human of the Hearth often enjoys being surrounded by other people, in communities large or small, and doesn’t take to traveling often.

Many of the races of Old Kaurath, when compared to those around them now, are treated as  subgroups of humans, identified as a -folk, such as the Mountain Folk. Others found more connection with the underlying magic of the world and have taken on those characteristics -- for example some of the Forest Folk who feel the earth magic of the world strongly have become Earth Elbaels.  

Makeup Req: None

Racial Bonus: You may sustain 1 additional item at the end of each event.

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