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Greenskins (Race)

Goblins are a shamanistic people, with green tinted faces, and large ears. They live in small villages with yurts and other animal skin or mud structures. They form tight-knit Hearth communities with one person in each village held responsible for maintaining the villages knowledge, known as the Elder. The elder has many apprentices, one of which will assume the role of elder at any point should the elder fall ill or die. Goblins chant around fires and follow common superstitions in day to day life. To break an ill omen, it is said that you must carry salt and iron.

Orcs have grey tinted faces and tend to be scarred. They spend their lives on the road in search of battle and foes. They train regularly for battle, stopping only to replenish supplies. They leave their youngest and oldest in towns to grow food and train, using what strength they have to prepare the next army or keep the army going. They tend to fall under the Road and Hearth cultures, but there has been word of a retired Orc Captain who, grieving for the losses he caused, disappeared deep into the wilds and has not been heard of since. He was from the infamous Copper Legion.

Ogres have yellow tinted faces and tend towards wearing clothing made of plants, reeds, and animal skins. They spend their lives in the forest and other natural places. They hold a strong respect for the land around them, and despite their size and somewhat frightening appearance, hold to a life of minimal impact and burden to the land and creatures around them. They perform rituals to restore the land around them and help their people thrive in the environs around them, and always seek to right wrongs that outsiders have committed against nature. Ogres tend to favour the Wild, but they can be at home on the Road or in a quiet Hearth life, so long as they are surrounded by nature in some way.

There is rumor that in the past, all greenskins looked the same, but most greenskins claim that tale comes from a traveler who did not recognize a birth defect when they met three green brothers. One was a goblin, one an orc, and one an ogre. All of them claimed to have the same mother and argued constantly about their father.

Types: Orcs (grey), Goblins (green), Ogres (yellow)

Makeup Req: green/grey/yellow skin dependent on choice. Contouring that evokes the feel of the skin tone may be acceptable. (Like this:, or this:,,

Racial Bonus: Permanent 1 Vitality increase.

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