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Gnomes (Race)

Often dwell underground and their primary Culture is Hearth. Most gnomes are live in clans with a common focus and personality traits or type as well as specialty. They wear facial gems indicating some of those aspects as noted below.

Makeup Req: 3 face gems required. Each clan has a focus in a particular trade, and a personality associated with their face gems (like this:

Families/clans specialize in different trades depending on the gems on their face.

No two families/clans specialize in the same trade.

Gem Personality

Red: Familial, Loving, Passionate

Pink: Kind, Open, Positivity

Orange: Successful, Joyful, Cautious

Yellow: Friendly, Innocent, Superstitious

Green: Hopeful, Logical, Healthy

Blue: Joyful, Harmonious, Peaceful

White: Pure, Enduring

Racial Bonus: At start of event and when perform a Full Refresh of your Base Attributes you gain "Purge [Effect] by Heritage". Can be used on Death, Maim, Paralyze, Repel, Root, and Stun.

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