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Elbael (Race)

The Elbael are a long-living race tied to the primal elements of the world- fire, water, air, and earth. Those of light and shadow are not uncommon as well. Elbael are drawn to places of elemental power, for reasons even they cannot always explain. When asking a Fire Elbael, for example, why they were drawn to an active volcano during a time of crisis, they may just respond that “it felt right”. Those more in tune with magic theory have mentioned, vaguely, something about ley line nexuses; there are rumours that the Elbael can detect them. Elbael have shadowed eyes that are ringed with the colour of their element (fire- red, earth- green, water- blue, and air- white, light- yellow, shadow- purple) and pointed ears.

Wild Elbael are drawn most typically to places of great primal power not established on an average map. Road Elbael travel along well-worn paths, carving roads to populated Elbael cities. These cities, home to Hearth Elbael, are rumoured to be located atop great places of primal power. One such city is simply known as Caldera, placed atop a large, sleeping volcano.

Types: Fire (red), Water (blue), Earth (green), Air (white), Light (yellow), Shadow (purple)

Makeup Req: visible eye markings in your element color (like this:, elf ears

Racial Bonus: Permanent pool increase by 1 in the attribute pool of your choice.

This does not count against pool totals when purchasing more points.

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