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Our events usually last the weekend; the site opens for Players at 6pm Friday and closes at 5pm Sunday. The event include food (from Late Friday through Brunch Sunday) plus bunk-bed style cabins or tenting space for all who attend, both players and staff. 

The prices listed below are for Player Characters (PCs). Our events are free for brand New Players and for Non-Player Characters.

We also offer NPC exchanges: giving you CP or whatever their local attendance credit is with various other LARPs if you NPC for us or vice versa. 


Our database and character creation can be found at

Join the Campaign labeled "Kaurath".

Use the Character tab to input character information; the Skills tab takes you to the Character Builder.


If you have any questions about how to use larportal, please send an email to

PELs can be subtitled through larportal or by clicking here!

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