The following are just descriptions of the base-level Headers. You can find more detailed descriptions of Headers within Chapter 4 of our rulebook, found here!


We are Berserkers. We are willing to sacrifice limbs and body to eliminate our foes. We strike like an avalanche and are fueled by the rage we hold inside. We are used to being injured and have learned to ignore our pain to reach any goal, even if that means sacrificing our limbs or ruining our bodies along the way.


We are Crafters. We turn the raw materials of the world into useful items through our skill and experience. We can employ our knowledge of our craft in battle as well as in our shops and have learned to see similarities in many of our crafts, while others of us have become extremely specialized in particular fields of work. Our creations know no equal. After all, necessity is the parent of creation.


We are Mages. We use our minds and understanding of the nature of magic to explore the world. We talk to the dead and seek their help, use the aid of elementals and primal energies, or even borrow life from others to heal our allies. We focus our knowledge through powerful objects to bend the world around us to our will.


We are Rogues. We use our speed and dexterity to take on any target. We have learned the most vulnerable places to hit our targets and how to avoid being discovered while on the job. We fight with traps, and weapons. Fear our blade, for we never forget a target.


We are Warchanters. We use our voices to inspire and protect others. We are skilled negotiators, performers, and combatants who have honed our talents and studies. Our voices can carry like the ringing of a bell. When we aren’t in combat we can be found seeking new stories to share, knowledge to ply to our advantage, and songs to play or sing. Alone we are strong, but in large numbers our performances will carry above anything.


We are Warriors. We have prepared to fight against enemies and defend others in many situations. We are skilled with the weapons we wield and reading the movements of anything that threatens us. We fight with blade, bow, shield, staff or anything we can get our hands on.