IG Cultures

You can find more detailed descriptions of In-Game cultures within Chapter 3 of our rulebook, found here!


You were raised in a village or city with many neighbors. Your life has been full of trade and barter of skill or time for food or goods.


Bonus: ­­ Sustain 1 extra magic item between events


You were raised on the road. Perhaps in a caravan, or a ship, or just travelling. You may have family and friends around or explore wherever your feet lead you. From facing a wide range of situations you know some tricks.

Bonus: ­­ Gain “Avoid” once per event.


You were raised under the flapping of the sail cloth. Whether surfing the dunes of sand on a low skiff or the deep waters of the worlds waters, you feel at home, the wind ever your guide.

Bonus: ­­ Gain 4 random rare crafting ingredients at the start of each event.


You were raised in the wild, solo, or with a family or tribe. There was no village of houses around you nor a market to visit but you make up for this in survival instinct.

Bonus: ­­ Gain “Disengage” three times per event.